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Beginner Photography Masterclass:


Have you just bought a camera? Have you been trying to understand photography but need a push? Then join professional photographer Robert Adcock, get off auto and start to take control of your photography.

By the end of the class you will be able to shoot in manual mode proving that you can manage the aspects of photo capture that will forever improve your photographic results.


Blurry backgrounds, easy. Freeze the action, simple. Make photos you want to hang on your walls and your friends want to buy, you can.

(8 customer reviews)

What you can learn in this masterclass:

  • Take control of your camera, no more 'auto' mode.

  • Learn when to use A, P, S, TV, V, AV or M modes.

  • Shoot pin sharp images every time.

  • Blur backgrounds and create beautiful bokeh.

  • Learn what bokeh is (you already know) and love it.

  • Understand the exposure triangle.

  • Learn how ISO, Aperture and Speed work together.

  • Learn what is white balance and how to best use it.

  • Understand off camera and built in flash.

  • Learn to work with natural and artificial light.

  • Understand lens selection and its relationship to an image.

  • Master composition, difficult lighting and scene selection.

  • Learn about post production editing, master techniques and understand which software is for you.

  • Learn what equipment is necessary and what is a gimmick.

  • Learning 1-2-1 is proven to work best.

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Customer reviews
Claire Barnes

Four and a half hours and I went from knowing nothing to being in control of my camera. I struggled with the exposure triangle but Robert has the patience of a saint and was really calm and methodical. I took some very nice photographs on the day and will continue to do so with my new found skills.

Will Martineau

I had been using my camera for a long time but never ventured off auto mode, every time I tried the pictures were poor but Robert changed that in minutes. I can now use my camera in manual but thanks to Robert's advice I usually take photos in A, which I now know means aperture priority and is like being in auto but with better pictures controlled by me.

Steve Jones

Great afternoon, great teacher, learned lots and have taken some nice photographs, thank you.

Gregory Bairstow

I knew a lot about photography from years ago but had never progressed to digital but my lesson showed me what all the buttons and switches on the camera did, now it is second nature again, with a few exceptions.

Gary Schneer

The best £120 I think I've ever spent.

Darren Thompson

I never realised that editing was essential to make nice pictures and imagined that it was some sort of dark art that needed years of learning to master. Robert not only taught me some editing techniques that have changed my photographs but he also showed me some software which was free and does a great job.

Bridgette Russell

This course is supremely practical and useful and helped me adjust the way I approach photography. I have calibrated my eye to find better shots everywhere and expanded my ability to use my equipment to work for me instead of befuddle me. In spite of having lived in the south west area for over 20 years, I feel like I’m now seeing it for the first time!

Marion Easterlow

Great day out with Robert, learned so much. Robert has a very clear and easy to follow method giving you confidence to get some shots you never knew you could. He teaches at a good pace, encouraging you and guiding you to understand your camera and photography. I will look forward to getting out and enjoying my camera a lot more, thanks again Robert, see you for another workshop in a few months when we come down again.

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