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Before anything else, consider this:

Would you trust an unqualified person to install your gas boiler just because they owned the correct sized spanners?

I think not.

Would you trust your catering to someone because they bought a fancy saucepan?

Again, probably not.

So why is it that because someone has bought a camera and downloaded a few images from the internet you would trust them with the most important photographs you are ever likely to commission?

Photography is a complex medium and a good camera cannot make good photographs without a knowledgeable photographer behind the lens considering light, composition, refraction, glare, contrast, focal length, the list goes on.

wedding photographer in Cornwall

This is me:

Life behind the lens.

Hello, my name is Robert Adcock and I have been passionate about photography for more years than I care to remember. Having completed training with The Photography Institute (UK) and Nikon School (London) I went back to school and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Photography from the University of Hertfordshire then turned my passion into a business.

I produce many styles of photography from traditional to contemporary, desaturated to black and white and I am an expert in photo editing (most important in professional photography).

I adore the art of photography, making beautiful images and seeing the joy on clients faces when I present them with their photographs and that is why I am a photographer.

Although I am based in an area of natural beauty that is the West Penwith Peninsula of Cornwall, I do not limit myself to working solely in that area. In fact I have been employed to make photographs around the world in Australia, Singapore, Turkey, Russia, America and across Europe (look at the map below) so please don't imagine that I am too far away from your chosen wedding location, I am happy to travel to give you the best photographs of your day.

world map.jpg
Bride and groom photography
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