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Food Photography & Styling class:


Most people seem to love food, one look at the internet reveals just about every meal cooked or served is reproduced photographically on social media.

As we eat with the eye we want food to look good, sure the chef does a lot of it but the photograph can make or break it so if you want your food to look great in photographs this workshop is a must.

Learn some of the tricks of food photographers producing beautiful food that is in some cases inedible but looks good for the camera. Make fake whisky, milk and maple syrup.

(10 customer reviews)

What you can learn in this masterclass:

  • Know when to photograph food from above.

  • How does syrup look so thick and good.

  • Understand lighting both artificial and natural.

  • What makes a hero image.

  • Make pictures good enough to eat..

  • Learn how to produce food purely for photography.

  • Which ice works best in photography.

  • Learn what is white balance and how to best use it.

  • Learn to underline food with shadow for attention.

  • Learn to work with natural and artificial light.

  • Understand lens selection and its relationship to foods.

  • Master composition, difficult lighting and scene selection.

  • Learn about post production editing, master techniques and understand which software is for you.

  • Learn what equipment is necessary and what is a gimmick.

  • Learning 1-2-1 is proven to work best.

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Customer reviews
Lisa Marshall

Great class.I like the way the teacher shows you his process from beginning to end. He pauses and gives you a chance to critique at each stage. I feel like i learned a lot. Big thanks

James Davies

The class exceeded my expectations. Robert is very passionate about photography and he genuinely cared about his students making sure we understood theory and had plenty of opportunity to practice.

Chris Wells

I attended this course because I am a chef and want to display my food at it's best in my marketing material. I have done a few workshops and am studying photography in my spare time but on this one day class with Robert I learnt so much about lighting and food photography.

Andrea Proctor

I've been taking photographs for a few months with a new camera but I wanted to learn more. As I like food, cooking and social media I decided to try a food photography class, there was a lot of choice but after finding Robert and speaking with him I decided to take his class and I am glad I did, I can operate my camera like never before and learned such a lot about food styling it's incredible. I even serve my dinner looking good now.

Dell Dolphin

I will definitely be taking more courses with Robert.

Paul Hoare

The class I took with Lands End Photography was one of the most exciting, inspiring and interesting artistic experiences I have ever been a part of. Definitely recommend this place!

Gary Markham

I attended the Food Photography course this week, probably my 3rd workshop! I plan to keep coming until I have completed them all. Robert is so organised, knowledgable and hands on. Totally chuffed to have found this Photography 'school' - highly recommended. My photography skills have been transformed.

Sarah Done

Excellent teacher. My photography skills have improved a lot and I feel much more confident when taking pictures! Will definitely come back to do the landscape Course! Highly recommend Robert to anyone looking to get into photography!

Mark Thomas

I can't put my camera down.

Julie Champkin

I took the food photography and styling class and was blown away. Robert is very generous with his information and advice since the class, and is extremely passionate as well as an excellent tutor really imparting helpful, practical and useful learnings. The course was predominantly hands on, taking photos, playing with lighting, understanding what had been changed and the effect.

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