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2 Day Landscape Photography Course:


If you are comfortable using your camera and have a good grasp of the basics this 2 day landscape photography course is for you.

Learn about best practices when looking for locations and setting up the final shot. Understand how ND, polarisers, and grad. filters are an essential part of landscape photography.

Learn over two consecutive days around Cornwall including a picnic lunch break each day. This is a fun and social course in which we will explore and discover some of the natural beauty around us.

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What you can learn in this masterclass:

  • Understanding best equipment for landscape photography.

  • Filters, what they achieve and how and when to use them.

  • Understand fill flash for even lighting across the image.

  • Depth of Field explained for effective bokeh.

  • Composition and framing for effective photographs.

  • Understanding and applying metering modes.

  • Understanding white balance and colour temperature.

  • Take a brief look at long exposure photography.

  • Landscape photography on a budget.

  • Understand lens selection and its relationship to subjects.

  • Master composition, difficult lighting and scene selection.

  • Learn about post production editing, master techniques and understand which software is for you.

  • Learn to predict the changing light conditions and how your camera deals with them.

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Where does the class take place?
Is there an age limit on photography classes and tuition.
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Customer reviews
Julian Romer

This is an excellent, cost-effective and very comprehensive course and I'm so glad to enroll in the class. Even though I don't have any equipment more than my iPhone 7 Plus, I've learned so much from the basics that I might choose to have a DLSR or mirrorless camera in the future. I'm so grateful to have met Robert. Again, thanks and this course is highly recommended!

Angela Harvey

I highly recommend spending a day or even two, with Robert Adcock.  Sure you can watch the videos, but in my opinion the only way to begin to grasp the nuances of what goes in to creating a photograph (the soft skills) is to actually spend time with a professional photographer...

Peter Haines

I have never seen a photography course like this before. It's real photography - not just someone showing slides and talking about it.... 

Thelma Corbyn

Robert is an extremely helpful person, whose professionalism can be seen on the courses he teaches. It was a huge relief and an enormous thrill to meet Robert and the services that he provides. His explanations are very thorough, interesting, and it makes you feel like you learnt something from every sentence he says. This is the best possible way to acquire knowledge to take forward and hopefully start your own business one day. I wish Robert much success and more great tuition/classes for us to enjoy and learn from.

Martin Smith

This is a great course that goes into great depth and detail, covering the cameras themselves, the recommended settings to adopt, techniques and tricks to manipulate the light, and finally some basic post-production editing. After taking this course I not only felt more control over the camera, but also noticed an improvement in my photos and my relationship with photography. #1 Best Photography Course

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