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Macro/Close-Up Photography Workshop:


Capture the surroundings as you have never seen it before in the amazing world of macro photography.

Learn about best practices when looking for locations and setting up the final shot. Understand how ND, polarisers, and grad. filters are an essential part of landscape photography.

Learn over two consecutive days around Cornwall including a picnic lunch break each day. This is a fun and social course in which we will explore and discover some of the natural beauty around us.

(5 customer reviews)

What you can learn in this masterclass:

  • Understanding best equipment for macro photography.

  • Using manual mode for best macro photography results.

  • Understand focus stacking, essential editing technique in some macro photography.

  • Depth of Field explained for effective bokeh.

  • Composition and framing for effective photographs.

  • Understanding and applying metering modes.

  • Understanding white balance and colour temperature.

  • Take a brief look at long exposure photography.

  • Landscape photography on a budget.

  • Understand lens selection and its relationship to subjects.

  • Master composition, difficult lighting and scene selection.

  • Learn about post production editing, master techniques and understand which software is for you.

  • Learn to predict the changing light conditions and how your camera deals with them.

Do I need specific equipment or skills to attend this class?
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Where does the class take place?
Is there an age limit on photography classes and tuition.
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Customer reviews
Paul Mason

I have been fascinated with macro photography for quite a while but never had good results, even after buying a good macro lens. Robert was great at explaining some things that might be obvious but needed explaining to me in terms I understood, Robert is great at this.

Julie Ann

The course was phenomenal, both educational and fun. Highly recommended.

Peter Badham

I learnt so much on this course. I loved focus stacking and photographing through a rain drop. I have tried the new things I learnt almost every day. This is a great course if you want to see things in a new way and challenge your photography ability.

Mark Williams

I'm really glad I did this course. I had planned to teach myself but wasn't finding the time and needed someone to explain the basics properly. Robert clarified everything in the space of half a day, keeping the class engaged as he explained the technical details and made using the camera seem intuitive. This is a fantastic course, I couldn't recommend it more and can't wait to do another one.

Izzy Doughty

I came expecting a high standard of tuition and was not disappointed, a great course.

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