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Getting the Most Out of Mobile Phone Photography:


As smart phones become more and more sophisticated, so do the built-in cameras that they come equipped with. While many of us just use these to take basic point-and-click photographs, they are capable of so much more, with just a little more understanding of photography principles, techniques, and the use of simple, but incredibly powerful (and free), editing apps, not to mention the various ways that images can be shared.

A lot of what makes an interesting image is not always about the technical knowhow of the photographer or the use of editing. The mobile phone photography course teaches students how to gain an ‘eye’ for a good image through some basic photography principles that can be incorporated into your photography straight away.

(10 customer reviews)

What you can learn in this masterclass:

  • The basics of mobile phone photography

  • What makes good compositional elements?

  • Landscape, portrait or square display?.

  • The importance of light.

  • How to hold your phone.

  • What to shoot and how to shoot it.

  • Understand what to shoot and how to shoot it.

  • Sharing on social media..

  • Advantages of the smartphone camera..

  • Tips and tricks on editing smartphone photographs.

  • Understand lens selection and its relationship to foods.

  • Master composition, difficult lighting and scene selection.

  • Learn about post production editing, master techniques and understand which software is for you.

  • Master smartphone shot composure.

  • Learning 1-2-1 is proven to work best.

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Customer reviews
Vicky Ainge

I would also like to say a big thank you to you. I think that the class has been very well & professionally run. I have been very excited, inspired & motivated by it.

Elton Grey

I have been using my phone to take pictures for my Insta account for a few years but wanted to stand out from the rest which is why I did a class. I love what I was shown and know about things on my phone I never realised were on it,  and my pictures are getting more attention. Job done.

Valerie Nixon

Great fun, learned a lot. Our teacher/guide (Robert) was very experienced and a great teacher. Fantastic afternoon, good value

Gail Ritchie

Great fun, with a little healthy competition. Good tips from Robert before hand and a lovely way to end the tour with drinks and reviews. This was a surprise 40th birthday day out for my husband and included our 9 year old and his 78 year old father. The way this experience was done worked perfectly. I would highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys photography or fancies a nice walk with nice sights and views

Ciaran Stilgoe

I don't know much about photography and I wanted to take better photos using my iPhone so I did an iPhone tour in Buenos Aires last year. I enjoyed it so much but didn't learn a lot so chose to do it in the UK too. I did a private tour with Robert, who is an excellent guide-he was really informative and made the session fun. He talked me through how to take good quality photos on an iPhone, thinking about light and perspective while looking at examples on his iPad. He showed me tools on the iPhone camera that I never knew existed, that alone changed my photography level. We then went on a walk around the town and I had the chance to put this knowledge into practice, with Robert's guidance and advice on hand. Robert helped me to notice aspects of some vibrant and creative areas in town and gave me expert tips on how to capture these in an image. I worked with including interesting subjects in a photo, using reflections and obtained practical advice about how to get a better image. We managed to pack a lot into the class but we also took time out to have a drink in a cafe to go through the images taken and Robert gave me some really constructive and helpful feedback. He also showed me how to use apps on my iPhone to improve the visual impact of my photos. I now have a collection of really cool photos that I'm delighted with. Robert definitely sparked my interest in learning more about photography. I would totally recommend his classes.

Chris Jones

Thanks to Robert, I have some amazing photos and also a solid base to build on- which I put to the test the next day at the horse races. Definately recommended for budding photographers, as well as those looking to improve their holiday snaps!

Fiona Yeomans

Excellent afternoons photography project - relaxed and informative - hosted by a well qualified professional photographer.

Jase Averbury

The class starts with a a briefing about the software you can use for shooting on iPhones and also includes a tutorial on some of the foundations of photography - lighting & composition. It was then out onto the streets and starting to put all you have learnt into practice.
Over the next few hours we and our photos evolved as we became more confident with techniques and the capabilities of the software. Robert, coached and mentored us as we found interesting angles and objects to photograph. By the end of the tour I felt so inspired by what I had seen and photographed.

Nicholas Haynes

I wish people would stop calling me now, I am busy taking photographs, I don't have time for calls lol.

Andrew Wherry

It was amazing! the teacher is very savvy and friendly. He showed us a different side of the local area, one more genuine and less touristic. He also showed us new cool apps for mobile devices to take better pictures with them.
I highly recommend this tour, it gives you an intimate experience with this amazing area of Cornwall.

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