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Private 1-2-1 Photography Tuition:


We offer one to one all-encompassing photography courses for individuals who would like to work even closer with their tutor to develop essential skills. Kickstart your adventure into photography with Robert who will tailor the course to your needs.

Robert has been running photography courses for over 10 years and whether you are a complete beginner or have been taking photographs for a long time, he is confident that he can help you take your photography to the next level.

(5 customer reviews)

What you can learn in this masterclass:

  • Understanding digital cameras, knowing which is for you.

  • How lenses and focal length effect your photography.

  • Understand lighting both artificial and natural.

  • Depth of Field explained in depth.

  • Composition and framing for effective photographs.

  • Understanding and applying metering modes.

  • Understanding white balance and colour temperature.

  • Learn about shooting modes and get off 'Auto'

  • Learn how the exposure triangle works successfully.

  • Flash tuition: Understand on and off camera flash.

  • Understand lens selection and its relationship to subjects.

  • Master composition, difficult lighting and scene selection.

  • Learn about post production editing, master techniques and understand which software is for you.

  • Learn what equipment is necessary and what is a gimmick.

  • Learning 1-2-1 is proven to work best.

Do I need specific equipment or skills to attend this class?
Do I need to be at a certain skill level to take part in this class?
Where does the class take place?
Is there an age limit on photography classes and tuition.
Are you DBS checked?
Customer reviews
Sara Woodward

I hired Robert for a private tutorial in product photography in order to improve our photographs for our e-commerce site. The course was excellent and well structured. We spent time going over equipment, lighting and post-production. Robert was able to tailor each topic to my skill level and offered unique advice to my situation whenever he could.
I highly recommend Robert due to the fact that he is both a fantastic photographer and a tremendous teacher.

Nick Mason

I attended this course yesterday and had a great day! Even though it was absolutely freezing this didn't damper our enjoyment and learning experience. The day started with a coffee and a tutorial which incorporated Robert's really useful and clear notes (they tell you exactly what you need to know without all the jargon or being pages long). Then off we went to put these in to practice with a list of photos to focus on. 
I really enjoyed the freedom you have on this course, the walking pace is slow with no real time constraints meaning you can stop and take photos wherever or whenever something (or someone) catches your eye. All the time knowing that Andy is there should you need him and providing you with hints and tips as you go.

Finally the review in the pub!! Again relaxed with all your images on the laptop.
I am a complete novice to using a dslr and feel I can now move forward and feel more confident in getting better photography! 

Laetitia Lloyd-Lucas

What an amazing class, I wanted to learn photography because I've struggled to understand it for such a long time but now after the class I can take photographs better than ever before. I was unsure if this was for me but I am glad I did it, it's for everyone.

Debbie Barton

I have never written a testimonial before but the help, support and training I have received from Robert Adcock has been so exceptional I felt compelled to write.
I have been interested in Photography for several years, I had a good camera but lacked the knowledge and skill to use it properly and was constantly disappointed, and frustrated by my poor images, to the point of giving up.
Due to acute anxiety, attending courses straight away would have been too difficult. Together Robert & I worked out a suitable training programme, which started with my assistance dog accompanying me whilst having one to one training sessions at Robert's studio, progressing as I gained confidence and camera skills to attending Robert's courses.
I have now attended several of Robert's courses, gone on his photowalks, learnt loads, had fun, met great people and now have images I can put on my wall.
Robert's patience, teaching methods, encouragement and ongoing support have been outstanding and truly valued. In a way he has opened up the world of photography for me and I can not recommend him enough.

James Mann

We started in a coffee shop to go over the basics then set off on a great route around Penzance and the sea front etc. finishing off in a pub to review what we had done.

Robert was great, really approachable and friendly. He left you to get on with working the camera and photos out for yourself, stepping in where needed or offering some useful tips.

I really enjoyed the day and came away feeling very confident about using my camera how it should be used.

Phillip Greene

The course was very enjoyable. Robert was very easy to listen to and made sure that I followed all the main points before moving onto the next topic. We'll definitely will do another follow up course in October. Highly recommended.

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