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Long Exposure Photography Workshop:


Long exposure photography is a technique in which a camera’s shutter is left open to expose over a longer period of time (be it 8 seconds or 8 hours). It is quite famous, trendy and somewhat difficult form of photography that allows you to witness things from a different perspective and lets you experience time in a different fashion. It enlightens your imagination to see beyond the face of an image, and to see what it can become. 

Long exposure photography is a true art form, frequently seen in galleries and books. It is tutor Robert's favourite photography style which he painstakingly learned through hard work research and repetition so you can be assured that this workshop gives you all the information you need to undertake this amazing aspect of photography.

(10 customer reviews)

What you can learn in this masterclass:

  • The basics, and more, of long exposure photography. 

  • What works and what doesn't.

  • How to eliminate camera shake which, even slightly, will ruin a long exposure photograph.

  • The importance of light, or reducing it.

  • Learning the best settings for long exposure shots.

  • Which ND filters are the best to use.

  • How to eliminate unwanted light leakage.

  • How to make ND filters on a budget.

  • Tips and tricks on editing smartphone photographs.

  • Understand lens selection for long exposure photography.

  • Master composition, difficult lighting and scene selection.

  • Learn about post production editing, master techniques and understand which software is for you.

  • Begin to master long exposure photography as an art form.

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Customer reviews
Brandon Withers

I've always enjoyed long exposure photography but was stuck in a rut, I got so far with my learning and stayed there. Robert knows a lot about photography but equally as much about long exposure photography. After only an hour I was further along than I had been for the past 5 years. 

Carl Weston

Lands End Photography is great and I’d highly recommend anyone looking to learn and understand photography to sign up for this course. Robert really knows how to simplify and break everything down so its easily absorbed. I have taken three classes with Robert now, I trust him to teach me what I need to know without superfluous padding.

Tracy Jayne Hasnip

Excellent quality, well produced Guide to Long Exposure Photography - An excellent quality, well constructed class that covers all aspects of long exposure photography in a logical format which ensures maximum understanding for the beginner through to the more advanced photographer. Really outstanding class. The best out there. Well organised and presented and great customer service.

Nicki Fellows

At last a photography learning platform that isn't online. I prefer hands on training and was happy to find Robert when I was going away.

Sue Sansome

A huge thank you to Robert for guiding us through the Long Exposure photography workshop at the weekend. As usual Robert planned the whole thing immaculately -timings, venues, refreshments etc - but this time with the added challenge of one of the hottest weekends on record. The contrasts made some of the shots quite tough, and the colours will look different as there’s not much green around at the moment! To pick out one of many highlights, St Michaels Mount surrounded by the sea, wow! The whole experience was so valuable. Thanks also for driving us around in air-conditioned bliss! Whether you already think of yourself as an expert, or someone like me who knows he has so much still to learn, you will just love Robert’s calm, friendly, professional advice.I

Jo Anderson

I really enjoyed my class. It inspired me to use more of my cameras functions and be more creative. It is clear Robert is a very talented photographer but he is also a good communicator and teacher. I hope to put my learning into practice and go on more courses with Robert.

Carla Sullivan

Pleasant atmosphere, professionell criticsm, I learned a lot, very individual teaching. I can recommend it wholeheartedly.

Sharon Jon

Robert, earlier this year I took your Long Exposure Workshop and ended up with a number of prints I quite like. I went off to practice on the Isle of Mann and ended up with an image that did well in the local camera club competition. So thanks for your contribution."

Steve Crawford

I wanted to say thanks as the workshop was awesome. I am seeing a definite difference in my photos already and am excited to shoot and learn more.

Lisa Lloyd

Just wanted to send a quick email in appreciation of the work you did with us on the long exposure workshop. I really did learn a lot and I think it was because you not only presented the technical part well but we also had the opportunity to apply it right away. Like I said at the end I hardly knew that so much time had gone by. So thank you again.

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