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Meet Your Photographer


Hello, my name is Robert Adcock, I am a professional photographer who has worked in many countries around the world taking photographs of everything from chocolate eggs to people.


What started as a hobby eventually turned into a livelihood, as it could with you. It took some practice and education to get to where I am today but I have been learning photography for over thirty years and you too can gain some of this knowledge but in far less time.

A few hours with me and you will enjoy complete control of your camera, understand how lighting can dramatically effect results and understand editing (not as daunting as you may think). From complete newbie to seasoned snapper I know I can improve your photography and give you the results you are looking for.

What qualifies Robert to teach photography?
Is Robert DBS checked?
Does Robert only work in his local area?
What Previous Students Say:
Daniel Baumbach

A big thanks for yesterday Robert! You are the most fantastic teacher I’ve ever had in any subject. The passion you have for photography definitely comes across strongly and infects those you teach. It was a fabulous lesson, I learnt a lot, enjoyed myself, and can’t wait to rush out to take some more photos! Your enthusiasm is so contagious, and I felt like you wanted to share as much of your knowledge with me as you possibly could in such a short time. I have already recommended you to my cousin, who said she would like to join us one day. And a message to all you amateur photographers out there – if you want to advance your skills, or even learn the basic skills, this is the place! Thanks. Highly Recommended!

Russell Bluck

Hi Robbo, I just wanted to say that I went straight on holiday after our lesson, which gave me a great opportunity to practice what I learnt! I thoroughly enjoyed the lesson, and still can’t quite believe the amount I learnt in four hours. The improvement in my photos after just one session has been incredible. That said, it also made me realise how little I know, so I will definitely do another course when I can find some time. Highly recommended.

Christine Hannah

I dont think it would be possible to find a more energetic, knowledgeable and passionate teacher than Robert. His patience and enthusiasm over our 2 day course has allowed me to evolve into a confident photographer. My only concern is that I won’t find enough time in between work to experiment with all the new tricks and techniques that I learnt. Highly Recommended! Thanks Robert. Chris.

Timothy Griffin

I recently completed a 1-day 1:1 session (birthday gift from my wife) with Robert following the 2-day course that I attended last summer (2022). The session took place in Les Sable d'Olonne as this is where we were on holiday, we've been going there for some time. Robert was very happy to meet me in a local bar, where we started the day over a coffee whilst re-capping on some of the theory that I had learnt the previous summer. Robert hadn’t lost any of the passion that I remembered, in fact, it had increased and it wasn’t long before I was up-to-speed and we were ready to ramble! We spent approx 3 hrs on the beach and cliffs and it was awesome! I had recently purchased a new Canon and was shown many of the features & settings, as we spent time snapping the scenery, big seas and wildlife in action – we got some fantastic shots even though the weather was fairly gloomy! More than anything, Robert helped me to see things that I perhaps wouldn’t have noticed on my own, how to compose pictures before starting and many different tips regarding shade, light, shutter speed & composition. I would highly recommend Robert for one-to-one sessions and general photography courses – he is highly motivated, passionate, extremely knowledgeable and above all, great company! Courses that offer great value for money. Highly recommended.

Sally Hancock

I went on the beginners course as a complete notice only ever shooting in “auto mode”, wanting to be able to use more of the functionality of the Nikon D810. The course is the perfect balance of theory and practice. The teaching style is relaxed but very very enthusiastic and helpful. You do not get overloaded – just the key basic ingredients and then it is out into the real world to put the theory into practice. I can not recommend this course highly enough. If you really want to learn about your camera and how to compose good images this is one for you. Great atmosphere and passion for the subject. I will be aiming for another course soon!

Céline Pelletier

If you have ever had even the slightest interest in Photography or taking photos, then you MUST attend the courses taught by Robert Adcock. I attended the 1-2-1 Photography course about a month ago not knowing anything about Digital SLR cameras or photography in general, having only used my iPhone to take photos. The Introduction was brilliant in terms of getting you to understand all the basics and fundamentals of SLR photography. The course takes you to a completely different level in leaps and bounds. Wow…. My brain is still reeling from the wealth of information, knowledge and experience Robert shared in the course. His creativity and enthusiasm for photography is truly remarkable and it rubs off on you! I am now looking at angles and light and subjects in ways I never would have thought of before. I am also more comfortable standing in front and behind the camera. Robert shows you the difference between taking a shot and taking a magic shot and this is exactly what I wanted to learn. There are hundreds of photographers and photos out there but not all of them capture the magic of the moment. With Robert and his courses, you learn the techniques and start to develop the eye to look for these magic shots. Now I am starting to take photos that I can be proud of and having loads of fun in the process. I cannot begin to express how pleased I am that I booked on these courses and had Robert as my teacher. An inspirational teacher makes all the difference on whether you learn something or not and I have had so much fun learning and experimenting with the camera. I have already recommended this course to all my friends and I would not hesitate recommending it to more people. Thanks Robert! Highly recommended.

Sarah Done

Excellent teacher. My photography skills have improved a lot and I feel much more confident when taking pictures! Will definitely come back to do the landscape Course! Highly recommend Robert to anyone looking to get into photography!

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