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5 Simple Steps To Consider When Choosing a Wedding Photographer.

Updated: May 20, 2023

(eg. search wedding photographer Cornwall and the choice is mind blowing)

I performed an internet search for wedding photographer cornwall and was presented with over nine million results and that got me thinking “how can couples find the best photographer for their wedding if a search as narrow as wedding photographer cornwall throws up so much choice”.

With the exception of each other, your wedding photographs will be your most treasured keepsake. As soon as you receive them from the your photographer you will want to share them with your family and friends, and 50 years from now you will look back at them reminiscing about your vows, the kiss and the first dance. Choosing the right photographer to capture these touching moments is vital and it’s imperative that you find a professional who understands your vision and can document it with style.

To help you find the right person to commit to this task I have compiled a guide to help in selecting the perfect wedding photographer.

How to Choose Your Wedding Photographer in 5 Simple Steps

1. Know Your Budget.

There is little point in finding a photographer you like only to discover they’re beyond your budget. As a current guide (spring 2023) the average is between £1500 and £3200 but that’s not to say you won’t pay less, or even more. I myself am well aware that there is a cost of living crisis and this year have moved away from the pre-priced packages and am performing wedding photography for as much as half what I used to.

Budget is important but photographers can be flexible, there is no harm is asking if there is flexibility in their pricing but if a photographer advertises set prices there is little point in reaching out to them if their cheapest rate is double your budget.

As an aside, remember at this point that you pay for what you get, to help avoid disappointment take a look at my blog ‘The inconvenience of not hiring a professional wedding photographer’, it covers the important points and questions you should be asking to help you receive the best wedding photographs.

2. Decide Your Vision.

If you have no idea of what style of photography you want take a look at some website portfolios and make a note of what you are attracted to. Do you want contemporary, classic, candid, a mix of black and white and colour? If you don’t know what style you are looking at, once you start talking with photographers point them towards the images and they can tell you what it is you are looking for.

Pick a photographer whose work stands out and ‘tickles your fancy’ there’s no point hiring a photographer who displays nothing but dark and moody posed photographs when you’re looking for bright candid shots. If you still have no idea what you are looking for, choose a photographer who has images that you like.

I have written a blog on wedding photography styles however here are the three main ones:

1. Reportage
Also know as documentary or photojournalistic photography and referred to by some as candid or spontaneous photography, the photographer will position themselves among and around you and your guests capturing moments as if seen by another guest.

2. Traditional
Conventional group shots, classically posed couples and guests which involves the photographer taking time to pose subjects and can be very time consuming. A group of fifty people looking in the right direction, all with eyes open and smiling can be difficult to achieve, I have taken over forty minutes to pose some large group shots. Even posing the happy couple can take five to ten minutes sometimes, this is rarely taken into consideration by clients and they can be frustrated or disappointed when their perceived timeline of the day is effected by the photographer capturing your vision.

3. Contemporary
Perfect if you are looking for fashion induced, artistic photography combined with reportage. Contemporary wedding photography is all about capturing the joy and happiness of your wedding in a natural yet stylistic way. If you’re looking for modern, stylish and artistic, fun shots then contemporary photography is perfect for you.

3 Look at Their Portfolio

Your chosen photographer will undoubtedly have a website which showcases his or her nest work but ask to see a full wedding reel. Two or three nice photographs don’t tell you the whole story whereas a complete wedding day’s photography gives you more idea of the photographer’s style, competence and finish.

4. Book an Engagement or Pre-wedding Shoot

This isn’t crucial and may cost you a little more but it will make you feel more comfortable on the big day, give you chance to get to know your photographer making each of you more relaxed at the main event, after all they will be shadowing you for what is likely to be the entirety of your wedding day.

Pre-wedding shoots are a fantastic way of getting more beautiful photography of your relationship and adding more excitement to your wedding day with the added bonus of getting to experiment with creative photo ideas.

5. How to Decide on the Best Wedding Photographer for You

Referencing the advice above is a good start to setting you on the right path to finding the best photographer for your wedding. Also add to this a good portfolio of images made up of not just a bride and groom but also guests and family members, preparations, ceremonies and speeches. Determine that your chosen photographer understands how to cover all aspects of your most special day.

Remembering these few pointers, searching for ‘wedding photographer cornwall’ will still produce a myriad of pages but now you are armed with some tools which will assist you in choosing what is truly your best wedding photographer Cornwall.

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