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A Love Story Spanning 6000 Miles

Real wedding day blog from the photographer.

Jonathan and Mimi were a lovely young couple to work with, Jonathan was from London, UK and Mimi from a traditional mountain tribe in Thailand. They met while Jonathan was vacationing for a few weeks in the country, however after meeting Mimi he extended his stay to over six months returning to the UK with Mimi which saw their story culminating in getting married in Bridport, Dorset, England a short time later. From what they tell me it was a real love at first sight story, in fact it was their story and my involvement in the narrative that prompted me to create this real wedding day blog.
Not wishing to spend his time following the normal tourist trails Jonathan took a hike one day into the mountains where he came across a village which was far removed from the usual sights British tourists see in the cities and coastal resorts. It was while he was here he bumped into Mimi a bubbly, happy young lady who was obviously instantly attracted to the well groomed, erudite guy from England. They arranged to meet several times over the next few days and in no time at all were inseparable but this was not just another holiday romance, they both knew they wanted to be together but how?
Jonathan was a foreign man in a foreign land, he couldn’t tear himself away from Mimi but was realistic in thinking that his current funds would not last too much longer. Fortunately Jonathan is very resourceful and rapidly learned how to earn money through the internet, he read numerous articles and books relating to Google listings and in no time was earning a fair living, receiving hundreds of clicks on his pages every day, but still he knew he couldn’t stay indefinitely, on the other hand he couldn’t leave Mimi and she felt the same way about him. Unquestionably they had fallen in love, Mimi had found happiness in Jonathan and He in her. Jonathan was earning a fair living from his internet sites, maybe he will stay in Thailand after all?

On one Tuesday in November Jonathan checked his internet sites and saw everything was running smoothly with the usual five to six hundred clicks on his page that day, he went to bed happy with Mimi in his arms and an income that could support them both. The next day was a normal day but later when he checked his internet pages only one click had been received and it wasn’t a one off, it carried on the same way for the next few days. What had happened? Frantically searching the web for answers Jonathan learned that Google had changed its algorithm for directing traffic, his site was practically invisible as was his income now.
After much discussion and some worry Jonathan knew he had to return to the UK but was adamant that he could not leave Mimi behind. They were in love, both knew they had found there forever life partners and could not imagine being apart so Mimi was going to return with Jonathan and set up life together in England.
It’s not that easy to show up in a foreign land and simply reside there, Jonathan and Mimi quickly determined that Mimi would only be allowed to stay in the UK for six months and then be forced to return to Thailand, however if they were married she could be with Jonathan forever. That was it a new path had been set and after a great deal of paperwork filing, telephone calls and internet work a fiancé visa was issued to Mimi, she was free to remain in the UK, as long as she was married to Jonathan, soon.

The date was set, the venue booked and photographer hired. That’s where I came in. Jonathan contacted me about photographing his wedding and a pre-wedding shoot a couple of weeks before, we discussed what he envisaged in their wedding photography, amount of images, styles and price. Jonathan and Mimi were happy with my quote so a few weeks later I met them in their home from where we spent a few hours travelling around making some beautiful photographs. They were dressed in traditional European bride and groom attire, white dress for her and suit for him. Before the session was over we returned to their home where I set up some studio lighting and took some photographs of them in both British and Thai wedding dress.

Mimi informed me that the traditional dress from her village was important to her and her family, who, unfortunately would not be able to attend the wedding service so the photographs and story I create was very important to convey the love between the two of them along with the special feelings of their wedding day.

The wedding was set for a couple of weeks later, I arrived a few hours early and spent some time scoping the location, looking for the best spots for photography as well as getting a feeling for the venue. It was a beautifully warm sunny day and the venue, although in the middle of the town, was tranquil, surrounded by tall green trees swaying gently in the breeze. The registrar arrived first closely followed by Jonathan dressed in Traditional Thai dress. It was going to be an intimate ceremony comprising Jonathans parents, uncle and a couple of witnesses.

We all chatted a while, there was a very happy, relaxed vibe. Mimi’s appearance was imminent so I went outside to photograph her arrival, I saw her coming up the driveway in a Jaguar XJS, her smile was almost visible before the car was. As she left the car I captured some images of her looking happy and colourful in her traditional Thai dress.

Back in the venue we waited for Mimi to enter, she did so accompanied by Jonathan’s father and took her place beside Jonathan, they looked extremely happy with a few nerves evident in Jonathan’s face. Jonathan’s mother was quite emotional, which was nice, but tissues and a reassuring hand holding from her husband soon elevated any tears. Thirty minutes later they were officially a married couple, we went outside to take a few more photographs together and with the family members. The sun was shining brightly and my part in their wedding day was done for now. The wedding party left for a local restaurant and I departed for the three hour drive home.

Over the next week or so I was, as I always am, able to relive every moment I had spent with Jonathan and Mimi while I edited their photographs, compiling a story of their wedding and love story.

Very kindly, later I received a five star review which read:

Top-notch service. Video is also available upon request. Robert was flexible with dates, with very fair prices, and efficient + reliable service. The photo sessions included pre-wedding around Dorset and then again on our wedding day. The end result is impressive, with creative pictures wide in variety, and most importantly from flattering angles - this man know what he is doing!

I have photographed hundreds of weddings and heard the love stories of as many couples but the inspiration Jonathan and Mimi instilled in me to write this real wedding day blog will probably never be repeated.

Supplemental: I have received some very cynical comments about Jonathan and Mimi’s story but having met them and spent time with them I have to say that they are in love and I for one wish them all the best for a long and happy future together.
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