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The Wedding Shots You Should Have

As a guide for prospectives clients as well as other photographers I have put together this list of what I consider are the shot types needed to cover the basics of a wedding day.

Depending on the couple and the wedding itself some of these may not be possible or necessary but they are a foundation with which you can build your wedding day photography. I will usually run through this list with the couple before the day, it ensures the couple get the photographs they want and nobody is left out. Additionally, running through the list before the day saves and confusion about who is who on the day, it doesn’t look good on the photographer’s part when they are outside the church asking “do you need a photograph with the bride and groom?” or “would you like me to take a photograph of all of you together”, the people involved have other things on their minds and as much as possible it is better if the photographer remains in the background, almost unnoticed, today isn’t about you.

1. Dress

2. Flowers (brides bouquet)

3. Shoes & jewellery

4. Bride getting ready

5. Bride full length portrait

6. Bride three-quarter length portrait

7. Bride head & shoulders portrait

8. Bride with bridesmaids

9. Bride with bridesmaids and parents

10. Bride with parents

11. Bride with individual parents

12. Groom arriving

13. Groom three-quarter length portrait

14. Location (church, registry office, parkland etc.)

15. Groom with best man

16. Groom best man and groomsmen

17. Groom with parents

18. Groom with special family members

19. Guests arriving

20. Bridesmaids arriving

21. Bridesmaids with brides mother

22. Bride with father in car

23. Bride arriving at ceremony

24. Bridal party

25. Ceremony

26. Signing the register

27. Walking back down the aisle

28. Bride and groom full length portrait in doorway

29. Bride and groom three-quarter length portrait in doorway

30. Bride and groom kissing in doorway

31. Bride, groom and parents

32. Bride, groom, parents, bridesmaids and best man

33. Bride, groom, parents, groomsmen and best man

34. Bride, groom and special family members

35. Confetti throwing

36. Bride and groom with car

37. Bride and groom full-length portrait

38. Bride and groom three-quarter length portrait

39. Bride and groom head and shoulders portrait

40. Bridal full length portrait

41. Bridal three-quarter length portrait

42. Bride and groom creative shots

43. Family groups

44. Back of bride’s dress

45. Special friends

46. Reception room

47. Cake cutting

Having a plan, knowing what shots are wanted before the event is fundamental.

Wedding day photography is extremely difficult, and in most cases impossible, to return to after the event. Getting it right first time is essential. Another reason why hiring a professional photographer for your wedding day is imperative.

Find out more about the perils of not hiring a professional photographer on my blog: The Inconvenience of Not Hiring a Professional Wedding Photographer.
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